Since The Project's origin as a Kilmarnock based initiative involving local people, it has sprung into life offering a chance of a holiday break. From the outset, the people of Onthank, Knockinlaw, Longpark, Shortlees and Riccarton enjoyed short breaks at The Project's caravans. Initially The Project operated two residential caravans and for the first four years and did so under the auspices of the Urban Aid Programme. Whilst this offered an excellent service to those living in specific areas, we felt that The Project could alleviate a similar problem in a wider area. The opportunity to do so, began when our Urban Aid funding ended. The Project was then mainline funded through East Ayrshire Council, which allowed us to offer the chance of one-week breaks to a wider geographical area. 

Throughout, East Ayrshire Council's Community Education Service (now Vibrant Communities), supported and supervised the work of The Project, including the development of the skills of the Management Committee. 
All 4 caravans are sited at the popular holiday site Sandylands (Parkdean Resorts), in North Ayrshire. 
When The Project began in 1996, chief consideration was given as to where they should be located and the decision has proved to be the right one, mainly due to the caravans being close enough to The Project base. At the same time they were far enough away in a suitable location to give the feeling of being away from the everyday problems and hassles. 
The Project continues to provide a much needed service to residents of East Ayrshire and beyond. 


The Project is the ONLY one of its kind and is based in the heart of one of East Ayrshire’s most deprived towns Kilmarnock. There are 30 rural and urban communities ranked within the 0-15% range of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation in East Ayrshire alone. Many of the communities in the West of Scotland suffer a wide  range of disadvantages and deprivation, which include poverty, unemployment, low-income, poor health and health choices, disability, low self-esteem, and social exclusion. The Project is available to the unemployed/low-income; families, single parents, disabled, carers, organised community groups and those referred by  Social Services or specialist schools and other support organisations/agencies.

Through the opportunity of a vital holiday break, the Project’s key targets, set by the Committee are;

  • To improve physical and mental health.
  • Improve the general welfare of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.
  • To increase bonding and interaction within the family unit.
  • Increase social inclusion.
  • To reduce isolation
  • To increase confidence and well-being.
  • To give a real holiday experience in particular to children, which they might never have experience.
  • Create happy, positive, long lasting memories!

Please click on the link to find The Holiday Project's CONSTITUTION

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