“Very stressed due to dealing with health issues, money worries, and the passing of my dad.” “We couldn’t have afforded this break without the project’s help. I feel re-energised ready to deal with home life” – Mrs C, June 2016

 “I loved the adventure playground, and the caravan. I could always see where my mum and siblings were. Freedom to play outside, as our house has no garden.” – Alex aged 7, May 2016


“Due to ill health I not get away very often, so this ideal and caravan is close to activities.” “It has given me a chance to be with all my family and grandchildren in a very relaxed environment.” “The Holiday Project is a very worthwhile charity which I’m sure will and does make a difference to people wellbeing and life.”  Mrs G, June 2016

 “Our caravan was lovely, it was cosy, and really homely. I really liked swimming and the arcade.” Madison aged 11, June 2016.


“My children and I needed some time together away from usual daily stresses, after a very difficult year attending Family Court appointments.” “It was pure escapism, from the difficulties of the past year, we are all feeling refreshed and less stressed.” “We had a fantastic break, all the children had a fantastic time and thank you for making it possible.”  D Family, June 2016

 “Spending time with my family, being able to meet new people and be involved in activities” Dion aged 15, June 2016.


“We need a holiday, as Robert is disabled and doesn’t get on holiday, but the disabled caravan is ideal for all his needs. This holiday was respite for us all especially Robert, who is less stressed and tired.” It made a huge difference to Roberts ability to cope with his disabilities also his confidence in making conversation with people making new friends at home, he doesn’t wee many people so the holiday helped.” Robert is a funny guy, he is loving and helpful, when he can looking at him on this holiday I can see how 4 days has changed him, he is much happier!” – Mrs T, Sept 2016

“Spent time with my family. I also learnt to walk, had fun in swimming pool, learning to paddle and swim with the aid of only a family member. Loved going to the arcade and up dancing with my cousins to see all the flashing lights” Rosali aged 1, July, 2016.


“The holiday gave me plenty of time to relax, and had a restful week.” “had a great time on holiday, would be happy to go again, and would also recommend it to other people.” Mrs A, Sept 2016

“I loved sleeping, and water fights with my brother” Meghan aged 13, July 2016.


“We came here not too sure what to expect and we were all pleasantly surprised, how relaxing it was. Mentally it reduced my anxiety, my relationship with my family better as I am not on edge constantly. My kids made friends, my husband had a break from every day caring role. It was not too stressful as he is more relaxed.” Mrs E, Oct 2016

“ I got to dance on stage and met Sparky and Sparkle, I had a good holiday. Me and my sister are sad to be going home.” Ariana, aged 2, Aug 2016.


“Time to myself away from family, so I am not getting stressed out and having panic attacks.” I managed to relax and do things that suited me instead of getting stressed out, holiday not long enough but thank you very much for my holiday.” Miss M, Oct 2016

 “I loved going to the pool, making new friends, and going to the park and beach” Jasmine aged 5, Oct 2016.

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