The Holiday Project knows that it is a very challenging and unpredictable time for everyone around the world. As an organisation we take the safety and wellbeing of our service users, volunteers and staff very seriously and to ensure that we can continue to do so with the new virus, we have put the following measures in place to ensure that we can operate as safely as possible : 
  • Operate with only 3 out of our 4 caravans - this is to ensure that we always have one caravan cleaned and prepared, in the event of one of the other caravans becoming contaminated, which will need to be left unoccupied for 72 hours then deep cleaned. Our staff/volunteers follow a "Covid-19 Deep Clean" check list.
  • Antibacterial cleaning products, and soap will be provided in each caravan. With the addition of hand sanitiser available on entry to caravan.  Funding has enabled us to provide Welcome Packs to every family - disposable masks, travel hand santiser gel and antibacterial wipes. 
  • All non-essential items have been removed from the caravans e.g books, games, and the information folder has also been removed. This is to reduce the number of items needing cleaned between stays and to prevent the spread of the virus. Again, thanks to funding - we are able to provide a welcome pack for the children, which will include books, small games/puzzles etc for them to enjoy during their stay and take home with them. 
  • We will email/,message all arriving families prior to the holiday, with as much up-to-date information on what to do if you or anyone in your party have symptoms of Covid-19 as well as any other information regarding our caravans and all onsite information in relation to Covid-19 restrictions etc. 
  • Please be very mindful of household gathering restrictions when making your next booking. The advice and restrictions change all the time, so please amend the number of people occupying the caravan accordingly. 
  • The Holiday Project has changed its departure day from a Monday at 10am to Sunday anytime. This is to allow our staff/volunteers to arrive early Monday morning to commence the deep cleaning prior to the arrival of the next family.
EMAIL - to speak to Elaine (Project Officer) or to speak to Gillian (Project Assistant).
PHONE- 01563 524800 and leave a voicemail which we will get sent to us via emailed voicemail OR the mobile number is 07842211994

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