A single parent, who suffers from severe mental health issues, had reached crisis point, and needed a holiday as soon as possible. The Holiday Project was contacted by Social Services, who explained the situation and desperate need. We were able to provide support during the application process to the Archibald Taylor Trust, at very short notice. The holiday gave service user the opportunity to step away from the daily stress, she was under and focus more on herself and her family. Their mental health had improved through the holiday experience.


A young adult with learning difficulties, who never ventures out of their bedroom, due to lack of confidence, was given the opportunity of a week’s break. Our beneficiary was accompanied by her parents, and enjoyed their holiday. They informed us that the holiday improved their sleep pattern as they usually sleep all day, and up all night. They were able to venture out as a family and explore the surrounding areas including visits to Arran & Bute. The daily routine was improved, and this enabled them to sleep better and rise earlier. 


A single mother of a little 4 year old, suffers from various medical conditions including Fibromyalgia. Mum felt she was always saying “No” to her daughter because she was so tired from lack of sleep and pain. Mum contacted The Holiday Project, where we supported her with her Archibald Taylor Trust application. With her award secured, mum and daughter, enjoyed a week’s holiday. Mum informed us that “they used the swimming pool a lot, which seemed to help with some aching muscle problems. Also sleeping better at night (YAY), through getting fresh sea air and exercise. My daughter and I became closer because we were doing everything together, she 4 but fiercely independent. We enjoyed each other’s company! Thank you again, can we come back next year?”


A single mum, with 4 young children, one of which has learning difficulties, was in need of a holiday. She contacted the Project, and booked a weekend break. Mum had very low confidence, and was feeling under a lot of pressure. Mum told us “I was very stressed at the thought of traveling alone on various types of transport, with luggage and 4 kids, however, we did it, and I immediately felt a huge sense of achievement!”  “I feel more confident to travel in the future.” “The holiday helped me enjoy my kids, and the loved the experience, especially my son, who has learning difficulties, he was much more stimulated, through the clubs and activities. I felt more relaxed.” “The Project Staff are great, and gave me a lot of support and the chance of a holiday, that I wouldn’t be able to afford.”

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